“Few people made the entire journey up from Earth in those days, from surface through atmosphere and right into space: for the right prize, Hakon Ambrose was one of them. He had started from one of the unelevated piers, quickly passed through the coruscating flash-flurry of the arcologies and their ever rising solar panels, then accelerated upward along a gravitation spire, where people jumped down for miles and miles in free flight.

The sky had bled into the onyx night of space, speckled with the lights of man-made habitats and captured asteroids, a frontier region of prospectors, farmers and robotic mining machines. Hakon had steered his tiny craft through this cluster of miniature worlds, then past the satellite homes of very artful systems of thought, opening up around him like origami flowers with their petals constantly aligning toward the sun.

Beyond them, after the last communication installations, there were lines of strung-together spaceshells, artificial oysters in which people drifted in weightlessness, immersed in drug-induced dreams or deep meditation – and ultimately, the furthest away from Earth, Hakon reached the end of his journey.”

Published in: Nebula Rift, Vol. 03, No. 09 (October 2015)


Format: Kindle
Pages: 90 pages
Pricing: $3,67

Science Fiction, Short Fiction

Publication Date:

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