“”A being of another … state. A thirster. A greeder. A leecher. A needer. A left-over from the White Table. A being that craves what it doesn’t have anymore, what it remembers vaguely, what it can no longer feel: life.” The mystic rummaged with slender fingers through the satchel she wore around her shoulder, then produced an orb the size of a wood-apple. “Watch closely.”

The orb rolled over red earth and into the tunnel, changing during this movement like a fetus in the womb. The smooth surface became blurry with sprouting hairs, a streaked fur, then something sprawled out that made it wobble and come to a sudden stop. The orb had transformed into a tiny mammal that slowly unfolded its legs, little claws clicking over a patch of rock, eyes glittering in the twilight.

It had barely time to squeal. Before the eyes of Prakan and the mystic, something descended on the orb-turned-critter, swooped down and snatched it. Prakan could only discern something bleak, surrounded by a whirl of phosphorescent symbols whipping through the air – then, the animal was gone, and the shadows seemed … fuller.”

Published in: Re-Quest: Dark Fantasy Stories of Quests and Searches, Pole to Pole Publishing, December 2018


Pages: 230
Pricing: $13.99

Format: Kindle
Pricing: $3.99

Fantasy, Horror, Short Fiction

Publication Date: 7. December 2018

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