“The tent begins to open like a blossoming flower, reaching out with its ropes and tarpaulins like straggling masses of tentacles. Mouths open, tongues roll out, and a multitude of eyes watch the spectacle of the congregated town.

As always, there is hesitation, a long pause while the men and women muster their courage. Yunrum steps forward, summons a grin to his face and walks toward the festival tent. Ivory teeth shimmer above the entrance in front of him, framing a darkness that sparkles with fairy dust, occasionally flashing blurs of color like the wings of insects trapped under glass. “See you inside”, he says to no one in particular, and then moves through the opened jaws.”

Published in: Hyperion and Theia Volume One: Saturnalia (October 2017)


Pages: 240 pages
ISBN: 978-1946024084
Pricing: $12,99

Experimental, Fantasy, Short Fiction, Weird Fiction

Publication Date: 18. October 2017

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