“Their work done, Phalendra and her people gathered for the trek home, to their old lives and waiting families. None of them had seen the sky unfiltered for a long time, only through glass ceilings or high windows, and they longed for fresh air, without the stench of chlorine and disinfectants.

They had stayed in here with the Thermaestreans and built wonderful things for them, mechanical marvels of unequaled complexity. They had crafted public clocks with errant hands, automated fans to provide a milder climate, legged lamps traveling along the ceiling, metal-fish to cleanse the water. They had repaired devices inside the walls, which the Thermaestreans didn’t understand and couldn’t maintain, and they had adjusted the ancient pumps – but now, it was time to go home.”

Published in: The Worlds of SF, F and H, Volume IV, January 2019


Pricing: $16.95


Fantasy, Short Fiction

Publication Date: 13. January 2019

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